Sunday, March 02, 2008

In London: A Story of Human Interest

A few days ago on the video blogging site Vimeo, I watched this stunning and poignant mini-documentary entitled "Last of the Conductors" by Martin Hampton of London, England. It stole my breath. The cinematography. The setting. But most importantly, the story of friendly and dedicated Brendon O'Hara and his final days as a conductor on the old Routemaster buses in London touched my heart.

After twenty-two years (1982-2004), his position is no longer "of use," as the new buses are driver only. But as this short film shows, the relationship between the riders and the conductors will be sorely missed.

I have to tell you: Every time I watch this, I want to wrap my arms around Brendon O'Hara as he stands in the new bus and says, "I'm the invisible man." It's heart-wrenching.

Unfortunately, this is the downside, the price, of progress and budget cuts. The cost is human interaction, relationships, characters, and traditions...It happens in this country, too.

If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to please take a moment to watch this film. And thank you to Mr. Martin Hampton, who kindly gave me his permission to post his documentary here. Thank you, sir!

Take Care,


LAST OF THE CONDUCTORS from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.