Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peace and the Aloha Spirit

The perfect sunset welcomed us this past Friday night after our family arrived in Hawaii. We sat on Waikiki Beach, with about a hundred other photographers and sun worshipers, and squinted into the horizon.

It happens every time we travel here: The moment we step off the airplane, we immediately relax. There's something in the air here. And no matter what we have on the agenda, we know that if we don't get to big deal. We'll just take everything in stride. No other place affects us like that, just Hawaii, and maybe that is what is called the Aloha Spirit. It's certainly contagious.

So this time, we're here with a lot of our extended family, not all of them could make it (only 12 this time), but we wish the rest could be here, too! I know, we're strange. We LOVE to vacation with our family. LOL

Anyway, just a couple photos of peaceful scenes for an Easter post...Although, with the time change, it's late on the continent...And who will see these on Easter anyway?

I do love the fact that I'm on the most remote chain of islands in world. It appeals to the "inner hermit" in me. ;-)

Peace. And I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.



Looking East toward Diamond Head...

And the opposite direction...