Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Congrats and a Nomination!

So while I was out of town, more great things happened to some fantastic people in the writing world and I want share that news with you.

* Congratulations to SpyScribbler, whose thriller/suspense submission from her novel, For Love or Country, won first place in the BookEnds, LLC contest! Congrats, Spy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

* Congratulations again this week to Maureen Child! She received a very special e-mail then phone call from author Linda Howard a few days ago...She's been nominated for a RITA in the novella category for her Silhouette Nocturne Christmas Cravings...Woo-hoo, Maureen! You'll definitely be able to hear me cheering for you in S.F.!

For those who are not acquainted with the RITA, it is an award akin to the Oscars in the Romance community (judged by peers, formal wear, ect), so it's pretty exciting to be nominated. And I believe this is Maureen's sixth nomination.

Congratulations to you both!!