Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back To The Other Coast…

More pictures from our trips to York, ME that I’m using as inspiration for my fictional town, Landry.

The Old Gaol stands in the heart of the village and is the oldest in the country. Originally, a royal prison was built in 1656 for the Province of Maine in the Village of York, and then this building replaced the old one in 1719, using some of the old one’s timber. The story of The Old Gaol can be found here.

This photo shows the old burying yard with Jefferd’s Tavern (the saltbox, 1750) and the schoolhouse (1745) in the background. Both buildings were moved to the village in order to save them.

This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation…lobster pots, buoys, and supplies on York River.

And a couple of birds…Perhaps those of you on the East Coast could help me out here--pretty please? The red one is a Cardinal, right? But the brown one? Don’t know that one.

Okay, back to revising and polishing. How’s your writing going?

Hope you’re all doing well!