Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On a Clear Day

Last Saturday, I wanted to take a break from revising, judging a writing contest, more revising, and preparing to file our tax return, so I suggested to my husband that we head down to the ecological reserve about a mile or so away and go for a walk, shoot some photos, and just breathe.

Now, we've actually had some weather here in Southern California! This winter, it's not just 65 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. It's stormy and cold. It's I-have-to-wear-socks-in-the-house-COLD. Socks, people! That's cold for here. Happy Sigh. Just the way I love it. And the breathtaking part? The day after the systems blow away, the air is smog or haze.

This only happens a couple times a year, unfortunately. But when it does, many of us on the coast look north, as we're on a south facing beach, and think, Oh yeah, I forgot those were there. And hey, we do get snow!

Seriously, during most of the year, these mountains are barely visible.

We had another storm system arrive only a few hours later, a "Pineapple Express," that washed away much of the snow, so I'm thrilled we managed to snap this shot in time.

How are you all doing? Like I mentioned I'm revising, revising, revising, and playing catch-up after being "down for the count" while being ill.

Hope everyone's doing well!