Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Harlequin Presents" Contest

Info for this writing contest appeared in my inbox recently and so I thought I'd share it here. If I knew anyone who was writing category and gearing their story toward this particular line, then I'd forward the info directly to them. But then again, if you're aiming for this line, then you probably already know about this contest, and you'd be like, "Uh, old hat, Michele."

So, I'm just better off posting it here after all. That way, if you come across this and it never occurred to you to try this publishing house and this particular line, then you've learned something new by reading this blog! Ta-da! :-)

AND if you enter and win the awesome first prize of an editor for a year, then remember who sent you, kid. ::wink::

Info for the "Harlequin Presents: Instant Seduction Writing Competition" can be found on the editors blog. I didn't see anywhere on that particular blog entry that it was all right to forward the post, so I'm just sending you there to read the details in their own words, rather than copying and pasting it here.

Good luck!