Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On Research and a "Duh" Moment

So, I've been fighting this godawful sinus/bronchial/achy monster that attacked our entire family on Christmas, and I'm just now starting to feel better--as in yesterday, I started to feel better. But for the past several weeks, I have pretty much been confined to my house. And not just my house, but my sofa. Thank goodness it's comfy.

Thus, anytime between my Severe Cold Sudafed-induced hazes (when I was actually lucid), I'd drag what I could over to the couch (e.g. laptop, research books, fiction) and answer e-mails, do some blog hopping, or do some research.

Anyway, while researching, I had a "Duh" moment...Now, you guys have probably already figure this out, so you're free to add your "Duh, Michele" in the comment section. :-)

I happen to be writing a trilogy set in Maine, which is across the country for me. Orange County is completely different than the historical Town/Village/Beach of...say York, ME. Different lifestyles, ordinances, laws, crime rates, businesses, sports, lobster, weather...the list goes on. What concerns the people in The Yorks might be different than what concerns the people in Orange County.

Now, my village is fictional, but to lend it authenticity it would still have to ring true. It would still have to have those small, New England town details that pull the reader in, right? Right.

Which brings me to this: If you're setting a story in a location that is not near you, have you looked online for an e-version of their paper (weekly, newsletter, daily)? See, I've been reading books about the area and some online articles, but it never occurred to me to check for a online newspaper! Feel free to say "Well, Duh!" now.

I found this one and will be checking it regularly. And the best part: It's free! Although now, it really feels like I'm stalking the people of York. LOL

Take Care and Stay Healthy!