Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Allure of Paranormal Romance

The paranormal romance boom opened a venue for authors to write the epic stories they've always wanted to tell. New authors emerged. And familiar ones found a new home in the sub-genre.

What’s the enticement of paranormal romance? In my feature story, “The Allure of Paranormal Romance: How writers keep the market strong” (Orange Blossom, Dec. 07), I uncover some answers with the help of a few editors and authors.

Want to know what keeps editors and readers clamoring for more? Executive Editors, Cindy Hwang (Berkley) and Kara Cesare (NAL), as well as Senior Editor at Pocket, Abby Zidle, took time out of their hectic schedules to chime in with their excellent--and most welcome--opinions and advice.

Also, bestselling paranormal romance authors, Maureen Child and Christina Dodd, as well as Urban Fantasy author, Chris Marie Green, offer their insight on creating a mythology, choosing their heroes, building a contemporary world with paranormal and historical elements…and more.

There’s a reason these authors are writing goddesses (besides the fact that they all write in multiple sub-genres)! And I certainly can’t thank them enough for all their help with this feature story. Maureen, Christina, and Chris, you guys rock. :-)

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