Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where Do I Belong?

So, for the past week I've been fighting the achy muscle and extreme fatigue thing. Ugh. I thought maybe I'd caught one of the viruses going around (and I was sooo ready to blame the germ factory called "school"), but it turns out it was just a new cholesterol medicine I'm taking and once my doctor changed the dosage...Voilá!...Good as new! Phew. My little wild dog kept me company while I was feeling under the weather, though. I thought that awfully nice of her.

Now, it's back to the writing for me. And I need to write, write, write. But dang, I have so many ideas and so many directions I want to go with my writing--paranormal romance, romantic suspense, western historical romance, contemporary romance--that I just have to put on the brakes say, "FOCUS, Michele."

I think it's a matter of setting aside the time each day to work on these stories and figuring out where I belong. I've completed stories in all of those sub-genres, except contemporary romance (but I'd love to write one!), and I truly, truly enjoyed every moment I spent writing those stories. I connected with those characters, those settings.

Okay, what about you? Do you know exactly what genre or sub-genre in which you should absolutely be writing? Do you love to mix it up and write in several of them (I know a lot of you do!)?

Take Care,