Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sharing the Mystical...

With a crowd of 600. All right, not exactly "friends" per se. Fellow tourists who all hoped for the same mysterious and inspiring experience--perhaps even a spiritual one--out on the Salisbury Plains. We all made the pilgrimage to Stonehenge.

We were a tad surprised at the amount of people we had to wade through in order to find a good spot and take in this amazing stone circle that we've watched specials on and learned about in school. It stood before us now in all its mystic glory, not 20 yards away, and that sent chills dancing down my spine. Only two days before, 20,000 people had stood on the grassy field in and around the stones for the summer solstice...so 600 really didn't seem so bad, considering.

We didn't make it around the entire path, as our tour guide graciously gave us 15 minutes to soak in the sights and sounds of Stonehenge. Yes, that's right...15 freakin' minutes.

But, I did take a couple photos. This time, using that feature on my camera, I isolated the color blue.

This first picture is the view you get as you first walk up the path toward it from the entrance. I'm stoked I caught that hare hopping in front of me.

And you get this view as you walk around the path...It faces the roadway. This was as far as we were able to get before we had to head back to the bus, as our 15 freakin' minutes were up. Grr.

And my husband took this picture of the all the tourists. Seriously, I wasn't exaggerating. LOL (you can click on it to get a better view)

To have been there and to have actually seen this marvel with my own eyes was surreal, especially when we were rushed through the experience. But truly cool nonetheless.

The only bummer part? I didn't even get a chance to visit the gift shop! :-(

Ah, I guess that's why online shopping was invented, eh? I still need to get a good book on the area.

Hope you're all doing well!