Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Black & White and "Red" All Over

I can't believe a week has passed since my last post! Sheesh. I hope you all had a fantastic Independence Day and a nice long weekend.

Have you been writing? I have! I have! Proposals. Queries. Chapters. Ideas. And I've been sending things out too. Now that the dust is settling around here, I've got so much to catch up on and it seems I'm putting in about 16 to 18 hour days now. But, honestly, I don't feel like it's even enough time. I need more hours in the day.

But that's obviously not going to happen, so I'm going to have to figure out a different plan of action. Somehow. Like learning how to write faster! Yeah, that's it. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm posting more of my pix from London, using my Canon Powershot. I like to call these the "Dude, These Are So Going to the Tate Modern" series. (I'm totally joking, of course. My family and I cracked ourselves up by saying, 'Tate Modern, Baby!' after almost every shot--we all had cameras. I know, I know. We have no excuse. We amuse ourselves to no end. Ahem.)

All the photos can be made larger by double clicking...or doing whatever PC owners do to view larger photos. Sorry, I'm a Mac Girl. :-)

On the Victoria Embankment.

On The Victoria Memorial Overlooking The Mall. The road around Buckingham Palace was closed to vehicular traffic that day (Sunday), so pedestrians and bicycle riders had the freedom to roam the street. Also, the Union Jack flags still lined The Mall from the previous weekend, which marked the ceremony of The Trooping of the Colour, a celebration with all the pageantry that now honors the Queen's Official Birthday. I love the surprising amount of red in this picture, including the headbands and even in the crowns on top of the flag poles. And check out the girl at the bottom who's excited to see someone. I just noticed her. Love that enthusiasm. (Or she was in distress and was giving "The Signal" from Team America. Man, I hope it was the former!)

Band of the Scots Guard on Veteran's Day, June 27th.* Our cab just happened to drop us off next to them because our hotel was on the other side of the arch in Trafalgar Square where a huge celebration was taking place. And huge events mean major traffic. Heck there's major traffic even without an event in London. It's just like Southern California in that respect. Anyway, we caught them in their relaxed moment, but I'm not sure if they'd already played for the event or not. By the way, I've searched and searched for the official name of this band and "Band of the Scots Guard" is the one that kept coming up, but if it's incorrect, please let me know. I should have just asked them, as other people were taking pictures with them. (*see update below)

The Queen's Horse Guard Parading Through Hyde Park Corner, Wellington Arch. We had just ascended the steps of the pedestrian subway and entered the park on Constitutional Hill when the Horse Guard crossed the street from Hyde Park Corner and made their way toward the Wellington Arch.

At the Horse Guards on Whitehall.

Scots Guards at Buckingham Palace *.

Scots Guard at The Tower, in front of building with the Crown Jewels.

Okay, it's back to grindstone for me! How about you guys? Are you writing? Getting ready for any conferences?

I also see that I haven't changed my "Currently Reading" sidebar in a looong time! I've read about a dozen or so stories since those two featured, but yes...I obviously loved those books. And right now, I have another dozen in my TBR pile, so I better get crackin'. Wow. I say more hours in the day!

Take Care,


*UPDATE 7/16/08: Coincidentally, tonight I'm watching a program on PBS called "Guarding the Queen" and the name of the band has been solved: The Band of the Grenadier Guards. Which also means the name of the group of soldiers is the Grenadier Guards. Okay, I think that's it... Hope I didn't miss anything!