Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Seeing Stars in London

So, today is my birthday, but we decided to throw a Bash while in London and invited a few of those who were in town. Lucy Liu, Ian McShane, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jack Black, and Dustin Hoffman were among those celebrants (I'm not sure who invited the Big Panda, but whatever...). As you can see the Paparazzi and well-wishers were out in full force! It was very sweet and humbling. ;-)

No, seriously, not 30 minutes before we stumbled upon the premiere of Kung Fu Panda, we'd been eating dinner and remarking how we only had 1 more day left in town and how we would love to see a celebrity because that would just top off this amazing trip. See, if you read Stevyn Colgan's blog, he often regales his readers with tales of running into the famous on the streets of London...So why not, right?

And lo, and behold! Our wish came true. (Um, if I had realized the extent of our powers, I would have wished for something different, like gas prices to go down and the Dollar to go up and more food for the world. Sigh.)

What's funny is that we've lived in the Los Angeles area our entire lives and have never seen a movie premiere, and then we just happened to stumble upon one in Leicester Square in London. Very weird.

A good view of the press and Lucy Liu's back. Nice dress, though.

Jeffrey Katzenberg (The "K" in DreamWorks Pictures SKG) and the Panda

Ian McShane (he was in HBO's "Deadwood" and the movie We Are Marshall)

Jack Black

And of course, Dustin Hoffman

A view of the theater and crowd in Leicester Square. Another place that was always hopping!

I hope you all have a great day!

Who would you like to run into while walking down the street? Anyone famous? Or an old friend? Anyone?