Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Place Called "Happy"

Over on A Slice of Orange today, I'm talking about what I do to stay in a positive state of mind, especially during tough and scary times--like what my family and I are going through with my 23-year old brother-in-law's health right now. It's not easy, and I'm certainly not alone because every family has their share of emotional upheaval.

On the other blog, I've listed a couple of things I like to do that helps put me in my "happy" place...And in turn, they've put me in a positive state of mind pretty much on a daily basis.

Basically, laughing helps me throw back my shoulders a bit and feel lighter. And these boys, Bret and Jemaine, definitely know their way around a punch line (subtly, I might add).

Also, listening to music has helped send me to Happyville for a few minutes a day. You already know that I'm obsessed with MUSE, right? Well, on the other blog, I posted a live version of their cover of "Feeling Good" from their concert at Wembley Stadium in 2007, which MUSE posted on YouTube (they also post a lot of their videos on their MySpace page for fans to embed to their own sites).

Here's another song of theirs that's a favorite of mine called "Starlight" (you may have heard this on the radio).

So, what about you guys? What do you do to stay positive? Listen to music? Read? Watch movies? Hang out with friends? Write?

I'd love to know and you can answer here or join in the discussion over at A Slice of Orange, if you prefer.

Take Care,


UPDATED AT 8:45: I had forgotten to add the link to MUSE's site and now it's good to go.