Saturday, June 07, 2008

Because I need to laugh

This is purely for fun.

Laughing always helps to put things back in a positive light, right? Right. (Don't you love it when I answer my own questions? Sure, you do.) Who doesn't love to smile or laugh? C'mon, I dare you to tell me you don't partake of the occasional chuckle.

Anyway, I found this a few years ago and it cracks me up. By the way, it's for men and women alike...

Wanna know if you're pregnant? Here's a website that offers an ONLINE PREGNANCY TEST. Yes, that's right, folks. It'll tell you through your computer whether to expect a bundle of joy. ;-)

And guess what? It'll tell you the sex of the baby and who the father is as well! But what if you don't like which father it picks? Well, just tell it to pick another one! It's as easy as clicking the button.

I'd like to announce that I'm expecting a baby boy and the father is Dick Cheney. And even better...My husband is expecting a baby girl and the father is the Mailman. Isn't that sweet?

Don't forget the birth certificate...

Click the link to get your Free Online Pregnancy Test

So, try it and let me know if you're expecting a little bundle of joy of your own.
Watch out, though, you never know who the father might be...

Have fun!