Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Walk On a Moody Saturday

Last Saturday, we headed back down to the wetlands to stretch our legs and clear our heads. A storm was blowing in off the ocean, so the dark and moody lighting mixed with the chilly weather made for a completely different experience than the last time I posted about the reserve.

Since it was low tide this time, hundreds of birds were feeding before the storm hit.

Also, there's one point where we're on the bluff and you can see a rusted track on the right of the screen with plants growing around it. That used to be a track for a gun turret during WWII, as the area was a bunker that guarded the coast: Port of Los Angeles. A couple of those turret tracks still exist on the bluff.

And the road the cars are speeding down is Pacific Coast Highway.

My husband took video of our walk with our little Sony point and shoot and set it to The Hush Sound's "Lighthouse"...No lighthouses are to be found, though. :-)

By the way, today it's 72 degrees F. here. Go figure.

Hope you're all doing well!


Saturday from eric cwiertny on Vimeo.