Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Doctor Who Scripts and TWO Book Releases

A huge THANK YOU to Stevyn Colgan for posting the information and the link to this site last week! I just haven't had a chance to share it with you guys until today. Six full shooting scripts from series four of "Doctor Who" are available there for free as a PDF: "Voyage of the Damned", "Partners in Crime," "Midnight," "Turn Left," "The Stolen Earth," and "Journey's End." The last three are the final ones of the season. Did I mention these scripts are available for FREE?

All six scripts were written by Head Writer Russell T Davies and are part of a promotion for a new book by Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook about a "year in the life of a hit television series," entitled Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale.

Also, more Fantastic News...

Joined-up Thinking: How to Connect Everything to Everything Else by Stevyn Colgan
hit the bookshelves on October 3rd! Woo-hoo!! (You may have seen my comment in the previous post.) However, as of right now this book of how everything connects is currently only available in the UK, as well as pretty much every other country--except the US. BUT! We can still order it online through Amazon UK. And since the price is quoted in British pounds, those of us in the US can pretend we're actually paying half price! (Even though we're not.)

Joined-Up Thinking (Macmillan) features cover quotes from Stephen Fry and John Mitchinson and it also contains a foreword from John Lloyd, the man behind the brilliance of many popular BBC shows, including QI and Blackadder.

From the Amazon Product Description:

What is the link between the Sex Pistols and crude oil; between Isaac Newton, Pink Floyd and a suicidal dwarf on the set of "The Wizard of Oz"? What is Scooby-Doo's real name, and why should you make a point of avoiding armadillos? You'll find out the answers to these questions and a whole lot more in "Joined-Up Thinking". Each chapter of the book begins with a fascinating piece of information, spins a dizzying web of connected facts and, with a spine-tingling final flourish, brings the loop full circle. So open up the book, begin at the beginning - and end at the beginning...

'I found myself fascinated and, like a child who thinks it's fun to go round and round in circles, somewhat dizzy. Most impressive' - Stephen Fry.

'The book that nails that odd, slightly unnerving feeling that everything really is connected' - John Mitchinson, co-author of "QI: The Book of General Ignorance".

That sounds so cool! Can't wait until my copy arrives. :-)