Monday, February 09, 2009

"Won't You Be Good to Yourself?"

As I think back on the past 9 months, it floors me just how much those in the music industry helped bring us even closer as a family through their music and lyrics, helped us unite in our cause to raise money and fight cancer, and/or through an act of kindness helped us in our desire to show a loved one there's ALWAYS hope.

As I'm sure you see, this isn't a post about writing fiction... but it's definitely about two important aspects of my life: good, kindhearted people and fantastic music. Combine those two and suddenly folks breathe in a renewed hope for humanity.

L.A.-based rock band The 88 are the real deal, the good guys. Their music helped our entire family get through some tough times as we helped Matt in the fight for his life and for that we'll always be grateful to them. I know I've blogged about this band before... oh, last March or so... when I told you guys how much my husband, Eric, loves this group. Okay, so now I'm right up there with him, asking everyone I run into, "Have you heard about The 88?"

Well, just in case the name doesn't ring a bell yet...the band members of The 88:
Keith Slettedahl - vocals & guitar
Adam Merrin - piano
Anthony Zimmitti - drums

On The 88's MySpace page, you can listen to quite a few of their songs... I happen to love every single one featured on there! Be sure to check out "Sons and Daughters" from their most recent album, NOT ONLY... BUT ALSO, and "All 'Cause of You" from their previous album, OVER AND OVER (iTunes). So much fun!

Also, most likely you've already heard their music before now, as their songs have had placement in movies and on television, such as: YOU, ME & DUPREE, FAILURE TO LAUNCH, GREY'S ANATOMY, WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, MEN IN TREES, KYLE XY, GREEK, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, NUMB3RS, 90210 (the new one), GOSSIP GIRL, ONE TREE HILL, and many, many more.

Oh, and just to offer up some proof behind my praise of their musical talent, as well as their generosity and sincerity, here's one of their videos for their popular song, "Coming Home." Okay, so we all remember several months ago when gas prices reached an all-time high? Absolutely. Well, Island Records gave The 88 a budget for a video and they chose to spend that money buying gas for people in the L.A. area and ice cream for kids at a soccer game. I mean, how fantastic is that? You've got to check it out! :)

This will take you their YouTube page and the "Coming Home" video:

I LOVE this song: "It's A Lot."
They put together a "Behind the Scenes" video to the song. Gotta see this one, too. Aww, and aren't they lovely in those dresses? :) That was from their Halloween performance on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic."

And this one is the full performance on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic," so it's longer. But totally worth it!

In my family's opinion (and definitely mine), this world is a better place because of Adam, Anthony, and Keith. Thank you, guys.

Take Care,