Thursday, August 10, 2006

Views of Wildlife in Hyde Park (scroll down for pix)

Thought I'd show you some of the wildlife we found while wandering Hyde Park one evening. We set out on our walk with the intention of researching the park for my current story and this is what we discovered...Yes, I am a brave, brave soul and will go to great lengths to get the details just right for my art. ;-)

One is of a squirrel eating an ice cream on a stick. Yep, even the British animals know how to eat without dirtying their hands. I bet they eat their pizza with a knife and fork, too. It's just plain wrong that they should have better table manners than most Americans. Sheesh.

Another is of a swan gliding along the Serpentine, which was one of what seemed like a hundred or so swans and their signets. Absolutely peaceful--well, except for the geese that kept honking and begging us for food.

Then there's one of a DOGGY! Ahem, I mean an adorable Terrier prancing along a path near Kensington Palace. There didn't seem to be a leash law in the park because a multitude of dogs enjoyed racing through the tall grass as they chased one another, the water fowl, and the squirrels.

And the last is of a wild and free-spirited couple enjoying each other's company in the unkempt grass near the Italian Fountains. Relax, the man was wearing a pair of shorts...I think. Maybe not. Oh, well, they seemed to fit in with the other animals.

Happy writing,