Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beauty in a Scary World

In light of the news this morning, I thought I'd post two photos of beauty. (And thank God that my family left the U.K and Italy a few weeks ago, rather than this week.)

The sunflower field grew just down the hill from the villa where we stayed. Every few kilometers or so, we came upon such a breathtaking view of happiness.

As hot and humid as Tuscany was, we didn't complain because we knew we'd be treated to an amazing sunset, a gift. Although, we did joke that according to the weather reports, it was hotter in Florence than in Tel Aviv and Cairo. That's pretty darn hot for a beach girl from Southern California! But just look at the colors that blanketed the hills and valleys every night.

Is there a particular setting, book, memory, ect. that brings you a bit of happiness when things get a bit scary or rough?

Take Care,

Michele Cwiertny