Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exploring. A Santa Monica Photoblog.

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, the weather was gorgeous here in the L.A. area, so my husband and I took advantage of it and explored a few of the local sights. I know, I know...I can just hear my friends now, "You? The palest girl in Southern California? Out in the sun, Michele? We don't believe it." But it's true I tell you; I left my cave. Anyway, on Friday, we chose to head up to Santa Monica, home of Pacific Park and Third Street Promenade...both of which are often used as settings in movies and TV shows.

Also, during this past year, I've gotten into habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere I go, so today I'm posting a photoblog of Friday's excursion. As you'll see, I took advantage of the color isolation feature on my camera... I have so much fun with that! :) But I am finding that by taking photos, I'm seeing everyday things--shapes and angles of buildings, trees, shadows, clouds, expressions--in a completely different way now and that it's helping me pull out those details while I'm writing.

Hope you enjoy! And yeah, I did get a little too much sun that day... just not used to it.

Oh, and tell me: Do you take your camera with you everywhere you go? Do you find taking pictures helps you with your writing? How about another art form?

Take Care,


(copyright 2009: All photos were taken by me on my Canon PowerShot SD 750 Digital Elph.)

Third Street Promenade in Downtown Santa Monica
(lots of shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and musicians)
Actually, I'm not sure where everyone disappeared to in this shot!

Also on Third Street Promenade

On the Santa Monica Pier... Pacific Park.

Still at Pacific Park...

Yep...still there. ;)

Trapeze School on the pier..."learn to fly."

The entrance. We came down a huge hill to get to the pier.
Which meant we had to climb up that huge hill. Ugh.

Route 66 ends here.