Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Good News.

I want to share some more good news with you today. Yay for good news!

Friend and USA Today bestselling author Maureen Child has a couple of books out right now, a paranormal romance with Signet Eclipse titled Bedeviled and a Silhouette Desire titled An Officer and a Millionaire.

Firstly, Bedeviled earned a Starred Review from Booklist! Here's the quote: "Clap if you believe in Faeries and even if you don't, you can applaud Maureen Child's heartwarming, hilarious adventure, a ticket to the fantastic Otherworld and back." Wonderful.

Here's a little blurb about Bedeviled: "Maggie Donovan isn’t interested in overthrowing a Faerie queen. She barely had time to kill the demon that devoured her fiancĂ©. Then she comes home to find a scrumptious hunk in her living room who informs her that saving the Otherworld just happens to be her destiny, and Maggie realizes she may not have a choice…"

Secondly, Maureen's book, An Officer and a Millionaire has been #1 on Walden's Bestseller list for TWO weeks already! (Here's to a continued run at #1, Maureen! Hey, that rhymes.)

And more good news. Today on her blog, Jennifer Lyon has posted an interview with Maureen and a lucky commenter will win a free copy of Bedeviled! Pretty cool. :)

So be sure to head over to Jen's blog and check out Maureen's interview...You might win a free book. :)

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Way to go, Maureen!