Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Almost There

A few more key scenes and I will be finished with a solid draft of my single title, dark paranormal romance, THE PRENTICE LEGACY. Yay! I'm aiming to complete this by the end of next week...And then the layering and polishing will begin. :-)

With a lot of luck and determination, this novel will be ready to go at the beginning of 2008, and then it will be time to polish the proposals for Book Two and Book Three in the trilogy.

I'm thrilled at the way all my characters--but especially my hero and heroine, Cooper Landry and Elisabeth Prentice--took charge of the story and traveled to those dark places, really upping the stakes. Even when I wasn't sure whether I wanted "to go there"... they were right. LOL! I love them.

Do your characters ever tell you they want to do something other than what you had planned for them? Do you let them? And do you find maybe they were right?

Do I sound insane? ;-)

Hope your writing is going well!