Saturday, December 30, 2006

UnBEElievably Random (and Cute!)

No, this is not my dog dressed up like a Beedog. This cutie's name is Aster and he's one of hundreds of Beedogs--yes, you read that right...hundreds!--on, which features photo after photo after photo of dogs dressed as bees.

Okay, I knew a lot of owners dressed their pets in sweaters and cute little outfits with hats, but until recently, I had NO IDEA that so many dressed them in bee costumes, and then apparently sent them in to this website for all of us to surf through and enjoy. It's amazing how many beedogs are buzzing about out there.

Anyway, dogs crack me up, especially small ones, so I really do get a kick browsing through these pages. And I hope you do, too.

Hey, I did warn ya'll that my posts were going to be about some fairly random content. Can't get much more random than a website dedicated to beedogs! :-)

Happy New Year!