Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the Immortal Words of Monty Python...

And now for something completely different!

Since The Writer's Vibe is dedicated to...well...writing, I've decided to dedicate this blog to randomness and fun stuff. And boy, have I found some random stuff out on the Internet! LOL

Wanna know if you're pregnant? I've found a website that offers an ONLINE PREGNANCY TEST. Yes, that's right, folks. It'll tell you through your computer whether to expect a bundle of joy. ;-)

And guess what? It'll tell you the sex of the baby and who the father is as well! But what if you don't like which father it picks? Well, just tell it to pick another one! LOL

I'd like to announce that I'm expecting a baby girl and the father is Janet Reno. And even better...My husband is expecting a baby boy and the father is the Mailman. Isn't that sweet?

Don't forget the birth certificate...

Click the link to get your

  • Free Online Pregnancy Test

  • Have fun!