Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to the Familiar

Hello! What a crazy, but fantastic, month it has been, as I traveled to Italy, England, Scotland, and Atlanta (RWA Conference). And now I'm home and back to the familiar.

You know what I missed most when I was Europe? Chips and salsa. Oh, and burritos and tacos. And nachos. Well, okay, I just flat-out missed all Mexican food. The West Coast can't be beat when it comes to Mexican restaurants, which is probably what keeps me from moving East. Sure the East Coast has historical homes, buildings, and sites (not to mention breathtaking landscape), but does it have any good Mexican restaurants? Hmm...Let me know and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Anyway, my family and I had the trip of a lifetime and I’ll be posting a few photos and blogs about it. (That last sentence has me cracking up because we took about 2500 photos and four hours of videotape. But don’t worry, as I won’t be posting QUITE that much ::grin::). I’ll be sharing some of what I learned that has helped me as a writer, such as setting, weather, food, bugs, more bugs, really gross bugs, ect…and a few things that were memorable to me that might also help you with your own stories. (I'd say that they were hilarious to me, but I know I'm easily amused.)

Hope to chat with all of you! And don’t forget to let me know about the Mexican restaurant situation on the East Coast. Seriously.